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HATCRETE Colourmix
  • HATCRETE Colourmix
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    HATCRETE Colourmix

    Integrally colours and conditions all forms of concrete in batches of 1 cubic metre or more

  • HATCRETE Colour Hardener
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    HATCRETE Colour Hardener

    A hardwearing decorative topping for freshly laid concrete

  • HATCRETE Industrial Colour Hardener
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    HATCRETE Industrial Colour Hardener

    A coloured surface topping giving exceptional wear and abrasion properties

  • HATCRETE Colour Release
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    HATCRETE Colour Release

    A powdered, coloured antiquing bond breaker for pattern imprinting mats and texture rollers

  • HATCRETE Adcolour
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    HATCRETE Adcolour

    A unique product for integrally colouring small batches of concrete and mortar

  • HATCRETE Tekstain
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    HATCRETE Tekstain

    For permanently colouring and staining new and old concrete

  • Sealers and Curing Membranes
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    Sealers and Curing Membranes

    A range of HATCRETE Sealers and Curing Compounds for concrete and paving

  • HATCRETE Epoxy
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    HATCRETE Epoxy

    A range of industrial grade, coloured coatings for ultra durable floor protection

  • Toll Blending
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    Toll Blending

    Blending and bagging services for specialist construction products

HATCRETE® - supplying quality assured concrete colouring and finishing systems for over 30 years

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