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Industrial Energy and Minerals

Solid fuels are a vitally important mineral and energy source powering UK Industry.

Hatfield Energy Ltd is one of the UK's largest suppliers of bulk fuels into heavy industry. We are proud to play an important role in supplying this essential resource.

Coal is an essential part of the manufacturing process of both steel and cement. Unlike pure energy or heat generation, coal is not simply burned in either application.

Steel is essentially iron alloyed with carbon. In other words iron ore with carbon added. The carbon within the coal combines with the iron to make steel. Steel is an essential part of the manufacturing process for every item manufactured on the planet! From food production to cars, planes wind turbines and solar panels.  

In the cement manufacturing process coal is burned for heat generation and the remaining ash (approximately 15%) forms part of the body of the cement product. The use of coal in cement production is reducing as alternative fuels such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) takeover. However, coal itself plays a role in helping support the introduction of these alternative fuels by providing a stable energy source to overcome the inevitable fluctuations associated with alternative fuel supply.       

Hatfield Energy Ltd can supply coal and coke products to meet most required specifications. We are able to arrange all periphery operations surrounding the supply of solid fuels including handling, processing, storage and transport by road, rail or boat. We work closely with accredited laboratories and have regular routine testing ensuring our customers get the continuity in specification they demand.

Our head office and primary processing site is located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

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