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15/11/2019 Homeless Charity Shiloh and Local Business Open Day Great Success!

Homeless Charity Shiloh and Local Rotherham and Sheffield Businesses come together.

We were very proud to assist Shiloh Rotherham and The learning Community with their coffee morning to bring awareness to the fantastic work that Shiloh do in the local community.

Thank you to all who attended to make it a fabulous morning -
Outo Kumpu, SteelPhalt, SBD Apparel, DA Cooper & Sons Ltd, SME Ltd, Rotherham United FC, MHH Contracting, AMG Super Alloys.

A number of these companies have gone on to work with and contribute towards the tremendous work Shiloh do.

Following the generous donations of a number of companies we have perhaps gone someway to dispelling the 'Tight' Yorkshire stereotype!!

If you or someone you know is suffering from Homelessness in Rotherham and surronding areas, please get in touch with Shiloh.


Shiloh, 15 Station Road, Rotherham S60 1HN 15 Station Road,

Telephone: 01709 559 504