Mineral and Carbon Product Services


We can work with you to locate the fuel most suited to your application. From premium low ash, high energy size to higher ash 'value focused' blends.

We also supply metallurgical cokes and maintain good physical stocks to allow very short lead times on deliveries.

Petroleum coke (pet coke) can be sourced with varying hardness and sulphur levels amongst other constraints.


We regularly and routinely transport using road haulage, dedicated freight trains and dedicated cargo ships (from 3000 tonne shipments upwards).  

We can arrange for train and vessel loading / offloading.

Supply Management 

We are commited to ensuring our products consistently meet expectations. We are able to provide 'back ups' within our contracted service to supply. For example, when some might opt for a 100% rail delivered service, we are able to swiftly manage the short term switch to road in the event of a rail strike etc.  

We can store and maintain dedicated offsite 'emergency' stocks and maintain supply over Christmas and holiday periods if required.

As part of our service we can offer extended payment terms to ease the cash flow contraints associated with buying large vessels.