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22/11/2018 Plasterboard Disposal vs Plasterboard recycling

Why do we recycle plasterboard and what benefits can you expect?

Plasterboard disposal is expensive and is certainly not environmentally friendly. So why has this been common practice up until around 10 years ago?

The answer is two fold:

1) Previously we were not fully aware of the dangers that waste plasterboard can present when mixed with biodegrable waste.

2) There was little option or incentive to change our attitude towards this waste stream.

Relatively speaking, the advances in plasterboard recycling have had to move at a fast pace in the UK. During 2009, the law changed to reduce and then remove waste plasterboard from landfill - it was left to specialist recyclers to offer a rapid solution to a mounting problem.

Fast foward 10 years - the implentation of plasterboard recycling systems has been so successful, that in fact little alternative options remain for the disposal of waste plasterboard.

The Roy Hatfield Group was the first company in Europe to develop a Plasterboard Recycling plant viable on a commercial scale. It remains the market leader in alternative gypsum products and plasterboard recovery.