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1/5/2012 UK still need to do more plasterboard recycling

A recent report showed that we (The UK) are still behind our continental neighbours in the amount we are recycling including plasterboard recycling

The continent´s top performing nations including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands who all sent less than 3% of waste to landfill in 2010 in the same period the UK sent 48% to landfill.

Here at Roy Hatfield we are committed to efficient plasterboard recycling and plasterboard disposal to help the country improve on these rather alarming statistics. Obviously,  plasterboard and gypsum recycling makes up only a small element of the total sent to landfill but more needs to be done especially in light of the figures some other countries achieve!

Environment commissioner Janez Potocnik makes some interesting comments as he spells out what helped the 6 member states mentioned above achieve such good results. He puts it down to them "making prevention, reuse and recycling more economically attractive." This is in stark contrast to the other end of the scale where Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic send more than 60% to landfill, Potocnik believes their low level of landfill tax is a contributing factor.

The report makes some great suggestions but it is also down to the ingenuity of private companies to make recycling operations profitable. We have developed our plasterboard  recycling process over many years to ensure we recycle as much material as possible from each load and offer the most comeptitive plasteboard recycling solution to the client.