Metal and Mineral processing

Roy Hatfield Ltd routinely handle large volumes of metals and minerals. Over the years we have processed many millions of tonnes. As well as manufacturing our own controlled metal and mineral feeds we can also toll process materials.

An example of the facilities we offer are shown below:

  • Drying of bulk wastes - we have modern, indirectly fired dryer on our South Yorkshire site, capable of drying up to 30 tonnes per hour, including volatile products and wastes
  • Sludge drying and processing facilities
  • Calcining equipment
  • Fine screening down to 100 microns (dependant on material)
  • Fine crushing from inputs sizes of 500mm reduced down to <1mm
  • Loose crushing from input sizes of 500mm + down to
  • Precision material blending and bagging (in customers packaging if required)
  • Material analysis